We are export agent for Lectro Company offering Thyrofire - GEN2 Thyristor - Controlled battery charger DC UPS for energy storage systems.
Moreover, we are also offering flexible and attractive INCO delivery.

Features & Benefits :

  • - Proven microprocessor-controlled technology, leading to minimum output ripple and extended battery life
  • - Heavy duty design and High MTBF and low MTTR
  • - Isolation between each electrical network: enclo- sure, Control, AC mains input and DC output
  • - Adjustable electronic protection
  • - User friendly interface and multimeter display with Mimic diagram
  • - Parallel and redundant operation
  • - Alarm- and event logger, with a date and time- stamp
  • - Fast and reliable service support
  • - Industrial Communication
  • - Manual or automatic Battery Test mode
  • - Compliance with international standards, CE mark conform
  • - Voltage, current and time 6-pulse controlled output
  • - Load voltage regulation
  • - Battery commissioning mode for battery initial charge and put in operation
  • - The charger is not affected by phase reversal
  • - Soft starting and voltage ramp control


Lectro energy systems has very long and proven experience which assures permanent availability of all your industrial applications including oil, gas & petrochemical, power generation, transportation, communication and other infrastructure.

Development of the system took into account the requirements of our customers and the experience acquired by Lectro over more than 20 years of activity in the area of power conversion technology.

The Thyrofire charger has been designed and manufactured by us to provide high reliability charging capability according to cutting edge technology and compliance with international standards.

The rectifier is built from independent building blocks and can be equipped with optional equipment like distribution boards, diode droppers etc. build inside or in a separate cubicle.

The cabinets are floor mounted and can be designed to meet specific environmental requirements.

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