We offer compressed refined table salt blocks that could be used for animals or for water softening. We offer 10 kg / 5kg / 2.5 kg salt lick with dimensions

Mineral or Nutritional additives could be modified according to customer's request

Mineral Licks protect animals from several chronic illnesses in addition to enhancing milk production, well-being, weight, water intake and fertility for: Cattle (Cows, Buffalo, Goats and Sheep) / Horses / Deer


Purity (Sodium Chloride Weight %) : 99.3% NaCl
Water Insoluble matters: 0.2 %
Calcium Bicarbonate: 0.035%
Calcium Carbonate: Absent
Calcium Sulfate: 0.2%
Magnesium Sulfate: 0.09%
Magnesium Chloride: 0.05%
Moisture : 0.09 %
Reference: SGS
Packaging is totally flexible and available according to customers' requests

If interested in the following product or other rock salt, sea salt or edible salt, please provide us with your Specs in LOI to[email protected]

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