We are supplying S-PVC K-67 and exporting it with flexible and attractive delivery services (CFR, CIF and door to door prices).

Rigid PVC is used in water and chemical pipes manufacturing, plastic windows and doors, packing films, plastic carpets and ceilings, sanitary fitting and plastic wallpapers.


K-Value: 67
Porosity: 0.20 ml/g - 0.32 ml/gm
Polymerization degree: 1050
Sieve Analysis: 1% Weight Retained at 40, 5% Retained at 60, and 25% Thorough at
Average Particle Size: 150 – 170 micron
Apparent Bulk Density (A.B.D): 0.49 gm/cm3 - 0.56 gm/cm3
Mass loss - Volatile matter: less than 0.3% Weight
Residual VCM Content: 1 ppm max
Packaging: Any size PP bag / Kraft paper 25/ 50 / 1 ton/ 1.5 tons
Reference: SGS / AMC / UKAS

If interested in the following product, please provide us with your Specs in LOI including your desired data: product, specs, packaging, inspection, expected Monthly/Annual volume, delivery schedule: vessel type and expected delivery mode, and payment terms. Please contact our supportive marketing team regarding any queries: [email protected]

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