We are offering Biodiesel-100, applied as additive to gas oil for yielding 20% Biodiesel, 80% gas oil mixture for optimum sustainability, safety and economic convenient burning. Moreover, we are also offering flexible and attractive delivery.

Specifications (Meeting EN 14214 European Specifications):
Property Limits Units
Flash point, Closed up 120 min Degrees C
Water and Sediment 0.05 % volume
Kinematic Viscosity, 40 degrees C 1.9 - 6.0 mm2/s
Sulfated Ash 0.02 wt%
Total Sulphur 0.05 wt%
Copper Strip Corrosion No. 3 max
Cetane Number 47 min
Carbon Residue 0.05 max wt %
Acid Number 0.8 max mg KOH/g
Free glycerin 0.02 wt%
Total Glycerin 0.24 wt%
Phosphorus 0.001 wt%
Vacuum Distillation End-point 360 Degrres C max at T-90 % distilled

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