1-Siwa oasis salt

Purity (Weight %): More than 98%
Water Insoluble matters: 0.15%
Sulfate ((SO4)-2 ): 0.33%
Calcium (Ca+2): Less than 0.2%
Magnesium: (Mg +2):Less than 0.2%
Moisture: 1 %
Reference: SGS
Sizing and Sieving: 0-3mm , 0-5mm, 0-12mm, or 4-12mm

  • Anticaking material to be added upon request
  • Bulk shipments, packaging and customer's branding are totally flexible and available according to customers' requests

2-Calcium Chloride

TEST Analysis Specification Analysis result Test Method
Appearance Dry free flowing white Granules Dry free flowing Granules Visual
Fraction of CaCl2 Total mass CaCl2 Min.94% (w/w) 96.20 % ANALYTICAL
Fraction of Magnesium total mass MgCl2 Max.0.5% (w/w) 0.13 % ANALYTICAL
Fraction of other Chlorides total mass including MgCl2 Calculated on NaCl Max.5.0 % (w/w) 0.52 % ANALYTICAL
Sulphate as SO4 Max.0.05 % 0.03 % UV METHOD
Water Insoluble Content Max. 0.2% 0.13 % ANALYTICAL
Granules Size (1-5)mm Min.95% 98.5 % Sieve analysis
Granules Size (<1) &(>5)mm Max.5% 1.5 %
pH of CaCl2 10 % in water 7.5-9.5 8.9 pH meter
Iron content, ppm 15.0 max. 7.0 ppm ICP
Heavy metals as lead, wt.% 0.005 max. 11 ppm

3-Potassium Formate 50% min. de-icer fluid / solution:

Corrosion inhibitor: 2.0% max
Appearance: Colorless odorless clear liquid
Density(SG,25℃: 1.350 min
Freezing point: -50℃
Solubility with water: Completely soluble in water
PH: 11.0-11.4

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